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Bluecircle is a disease registry software that leverages mobile technology to empower healthcare providers at every level of health delivery, to collect and analyze patient data, while assisting patients keep to therapeutic goals

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Our Services

We've provided a platform that allows health care providers to:

Easy Enrolment

Easily enroll their patients and get quick statistical differentials on the data of patients under their care

Cloud Storage

Have cloud storage of their data, with cloud maintenance support for BlueCircle

Track Data

Get seamless access to their collated data for research purposes.

24 Hour Support

We have round the clock support for institutions that use our services.

Research and Analysis

We provide the necessary data for institutions that engage in research and analysis of data.

Medical Support

Our platform allows any healthcare provider connect to their patients beyond the walls of the hospital. This could take the form of educating patient groups to reminders on past/due tests and appointment dates.


With our disease registry platform, we're actively connecting healthcare providers into one big community for ease of information flow and research collaborations.

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Goals & Vision

the bluecircle dream

We plan to develop ann distribute an efficient disease registry mobile software to help healthcare providers make more informed healthcare decisions and planning. We also want to provide accurate and up to date data to help in better disease management by healthcare providers.

our progress so far

Over the course of one year, we have been actively involved with industry professionals to better tailor our services to the current need of healthcare providers. We have been in talks with organizations like the Gates Foundation, Austin Technology Institute in Texas, Nigerian Institute of Human Virology, etc. We have been in numerous tech talk events and we have been actively seeking seed funding and have been successful in most. We have adapted our eRegistry in many medical conditions like Diabetes, Asthma, Oncology, HIV and we are hoping to add more to this list.

about bluecircle

BlueCircle is a health tech startup that focuses on providing data for prevalent diseases.
We are entirely dedicated to the BlueCircle ultimate dream.
BlueCircle being one of the products from Notitia (the parent company), currently has a team of 4 dedicated young men.
We each have a unique background in both the health and health ecosystem and seeing the potentials a product such as this had in the fight against non-communicable diseases particularly diabetes, we became more passionate and developed it from an immaterial idea into a life product.